We meet twice at week at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Classes are open to students, community members (18 and over), and visitors.


We are located in Santa Barbara, California. We meet on the UCSB Campus at Rob Gym (Robertson Gymnasium).

Hours and Rooms:

Sundays: Rob Gym 2120, 6pm

Wednesdays: Rob Gym 2320, 6pm


Our class operated under the auspices of the UCSB Department of Recreation. To register visit the Rec Department Registration Page, Search by “Martial Arts & Self Defense” and Visit “Tae Kwon Do” by “Ron Gans”. Fees are nominal, around $60/quarter.

Info For New Students:

You do not need a uniform to start. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Plan to remove your jewelry and work out barefoot.